The Environment

Mint Linen Ltd maintains a responsible attitude towards the environment and the impact of the business on it. This includes safeguarding existing environmental performance and also being responsive to opportunities for continual improvement.

In particular, the business is committed to:

  • The protection of the environment, including prevention of pollution implied through efficient working practices, good plant maintenance and correct process design and execution.
  • Adopting a company transport strategy which minimises environmental impact as far as possible by efficient logistics, good vehicle maintenance, eco-driving policy and monitoring and replacement schedules with focus on ULEV vehicles.
  • The company will liaise as required with the local community and authorities on environmental matters. This Environmental Policy is made available to all employees and the public.

Our principal activities include the laundering of bed linen, table linen and towelling which we collect from and deliver to our customers on our own fleet of vehicles.

We care about the environment and it’s something we’re always working on. We try to stay compliant with government regulations and limit any undue environmental side effects. We will constantly assess how our work affects the environment, and aim to reduce the use of natural materials and resources that would otherwise be wasted.

Any material we use will be assessed for the environment-friendliness of its manufacturing process. Where possible, we aim to use materials that are accessible for recycling.

When sourcing textiles, we will always consider the environmental implications of our actions and where possible we shall use sustainable materials.

We plan to lessen any impact our work has on the environment by always including environmental considerations in our decisions. Employees are encouraged to be actively involved in environmental matters and can do so by training, communicating and tweaking company methodologies.

The Environmental management System that we comply to across all our activities provides for the setting of objectives and targets. We aim for continual improvement in environmental performance.

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